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Tips to use less plastic

Tips to use less plastic

Tips to use less plastic. We thought we would help spread some tips on how to reduce your overall waste. The amount of plastic that is generated as waste around the world is worrying and only getting worse.

Here are some ways to reduce your plastic footprint.

  1. Give up gum! It sounds simple but this will make a huge difference. Gum bases are essentially synthetic rubbers…
  2. Stop using plastic straws! Refuse them at the bar too if they offer.
  3. Stop using plastic bags when shopping and invest in a good quality cooler bag for your cold goods and a canvas bag for anything else. Or simply just use a cardboard box at checkout.
  4. Try and buy goods that are packaged in a box or tin and not a bottle. For example: sugar, flour, laundry detergent etc.
  5. If you are going to eat out, come prepared and bring your own “doggy bag” to save them using their plastic containers.
  6. Don’t use plastic ware at home when throwing parties. Try and find paper or bamboo plates / boats. Then! Try planting some succulents in any left over bamboo boats :) It’s a super cute idea.
  7. Avoid buying frozen foods. They are generally packaged in plastic and even those in boxes are coated in a thin layer of plastic.
  8. Use razors with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors.
  9. Use reusable water bottles! Like our Eco Vessel bottles! Perfect for storing home made milks, smoothies and pouring your take away coffee into :)

Remember… even then smallest change can make the biggest difference!