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Better Vessel

At EcoVessel, we’re inspired by a relentless thirst for innovation and a respect for the planet. Based in Boulder, CO, we have designed a line of premium reusable products that push the boundaries of what’s possible in an insulated water bottle. Better insulation, better features, better vessel. Join the movement!



Game Changing Features

Our New range of EcoVessel includes ground breaking features not seen in other hydrations brands. From our TriMax Triple Insulation technology, to interchangeable lids, a removable strainer, and a protective silicone bumper, just to name a few, EcoVessel has something for everyone.


 Our signature TriMax® Triple insulation provides unmatched temperature retention. With three layers of insulation, your cold or hot drink will stay the perfect temperature for hours, even days! Featured in our insulated bottles and mugs. 


The Reflecta™ Insulated lid is our proprietary stainless steel lined lid, ensuring your drink retains temperature even better than the competition. It even ensures your drinks never touch plastic.



Interchangeable Lids

These lids fit any Ecovessel so people can easily enjoy using their bottle in different ways. "BOULDER" 2 PIECE LID W/STRAP makes any bottle good for both hot and cold drinks. "SUMMIT" FLIP SPOUT LID with inner straw makes any bottle a tilt free sport bottle. "PERK" PUSH BUTTON LID w/LOCK makes any bottle a coffee or tea mug.




Unmatched Quality

The materials we use meet or exceed FDA standards, Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements, and strict standards. All of our stainless steel bottles are made with premium food-grade 18|8 stainless steel and are 100% recyclable. Any plastics we use in our products are certified BPA, BPS and Phthalate free, ensuring a healthy drinking experience. All of products come with a limited 100-year limited warranty protecting you from any factory defects.