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The Best Water Bottle - EcoVessel, the World’s Best Quality Water Bottles

Water is the perfect beverage. It is free of calories, contains no sugar, and is wonderfully refreshing. To drink more of it, many people stock up on bottled water. The problem with that is the plastic water bottles are a detriment to the more .

Why Plastic Water Bottles Are Dangerous—and Why You Should Use Eco Vessel's Best BPA-Free Water Bottle Instead

Plastic water bottles—particularly the single-use bottles that are used for bottled water products—have fallen out of favour in recent years, and for good reason. The plastics used in these bottles—even some of the durable, supposedly more .

Plastic, Glass or Stainless Steel? A Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Water Bottle

Are you on the hunt for the best camping water bottle on the market? If so, then you are probably considering not just the merits of different brands, sizes and types of bottles, but of different water bottle materials as well. In today's more .

Eco Vessel's Best Insulated Coffee Mug Works for a Wide Range of Beverages

At Eco Vessel, we believe that a coffee mug should be more than just a coffee mug. A cup of the finest French roast can be a lifesaver when you have to head off for an early morning work shift. However, sometimes, you want to take other more .

Ensure Colder, More Refreshing Beverages for Your Camping Trip, with Insulated Drink Bottles from Eco Vessel

Have you ever wondered why an ice-cold glass of water tastes and feels so much more refreshing and thirst-quenching than a glass of water that is room temperature? After all, shouldn't water have the same effect on the body, whether it is warm more .

Keep Your Beverages Cold or Hot for Longer: Invest in the Best Insulated Water Bottle on the Market!

Are you tired of getting an hour or two into your road trip or hiking trip, only to find that your water bottle has failed to keep your drink cold? Do you take your coffee or tea to work, but struggle to keep it warm more .

Trade Your Plastic Water Bottles for the Best Stainless Steel Drink Bottle on the Market

Just 10 or 20 years ago, single-use plastic water bottles were everywhere. Today, these flimsy disposable water bottles are still commonplace, but they have begun losing their hold on the market for one very notable reason: they can be more .

Eco Vessel: Donating All Sales from Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Other Products to Water for People

It was 2008 when Eco Vessel got started. Back then, we were a humble small company based in Boulder, Colorado USA. We were appalled by some of the statistics about plastic waste pollution—particularly the figure that says Americans throw more .

Looking for the Best Reusable Water Bottle for Camping? Eco Vessel's Range of Bottles Are Perfect

The experience of spending time in the wilderness is unlike any other. Connecting with nature in such an intimate way is incredible and truly provides you with a sense of what it means to be human. However, no matter how much you love more .

Get an Eco Vessel Glass Water Bottle, the Best in Australia

Eco Vessel Glass Water Bottles offers the purity of glass but also the durability of silicone. Its strength gives you the comfort that our glass water bottles available online won’t break easily. Accidents happen, bottles are dropped, but more .

Quench Your Post-Workout Thirst with the Best Reusable Drink Bottles from Eco Vessel

Maintaining exceptional physical fitness is something we all think about doing, but life often gets in the way. When you're making the effort to develop good habits and hit the gym on a regular basis, you will want to spend some time focusing on more .

Eco Vessel: Offering the Best Reusable Water Bottles Since 2008

The sun is bright, the sky is clear, the temperature is warm (but not too hot), and it's a no brainer that the day must be spent outside. Whether it's a long hike with friends, a bike ride with a special someone, or a day out on the water more .

Finding the Best Hiking Water Bottle on the Market

First, insulation is essential. When you are going for a lengthy trek in the Australian bush -- particularly during the hot summer months -- you want to make sure your source of hydration is staying cool. Cold water is just more more .

Best Reuseable Coffee and Tea Mugs

Nothing beats waking up and starting your day with a fresh,warm brew. Or Icy brew! Depending on your weather situation. At Eco Vessel we are strong lovers of a good morning coffee but we hate the waste that comes with it more .