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Don’t reuse plastic water bottles

Don’t reuse plastic water bottles

Don’t reuse plastic water bottles! It’s that simple. It’s tempting … but just don’t do it. You think you’re doing wonders by reusing your plastic water bottle? Definitely think again. There are health risks to take into consideration and we aren’t just talking about the plastic.

So if it’s not the Plastic Chemicals that we should worry about, what are we worrying about? It’s a pretty boring reason, but boring can be concerning sometimes.


And we aren’t talking about the happy little bacteria that jump around on your TV promoting probiotics. This Bacteria is the bad stuff that you don’t want to ever see. If left unwashed, any water bottle can start to grow microbes / bacteria and to levels that exceed health guidelines!! Check this study out here! Pretty scary when you think it’s just an innocent water bottle.

Plastic water bottles are particularly susceptible to bacteria growth though because they aren’t designed to be re-used. They are designed to break down and that leaves room for Bacteria to start claiming that bottle as its home.

These professionals put it well from an article in the Practical Gastroenterology from 2007,

“…everyday wear and tear from repeated washings and reuse can lead to physical breakdown of the plastic, such as visible thinning or cracks. Bacteria can harbor in the cracks, posing a health risk.”


Avoid plastic water bottles all together and go for a high quality reusable drink bottle to take with you on the go. We love the Eco Vessel range as they’re Triple Insulated and keep your water cold or hot and free from nasty bacteria! Just wash it…

They come in all different sizes AND colours so there is one to suit everyone. There is also a Wine Cooler… HELLO poolside wines without the glass breakage!