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Looking for the Best Reusable Water Bottle for Camping? EcoVessel's Range of Bottles Are Perfect

The experience of spending time in the wilderness is unlike any other. Connecting with nature in such an intimate way is incredible and truly provides you with a sense of what it means to be human. However, no matter how much you love spending time hiking and camping, you cannot do it without the proper preparations. From food to eat on the trail to fresh, clean water, you must ensure you're equipped for survival whether you're in the bush for a day or a week. Bringing along a reusable water bottle is an excellent idea, but what kind of bottle should you buy? The answer is easy.

EcoVessel offers the best reusable water bottle available in Australia! With a diverse product range, innovative designs, and a commitment to using only the safest materials, Eco Vessel water bottles will keep your thirst at bay whenever you decide to spend a weekend sleeping under the stars. Our products are designed with such uses in mind, and thus are an ideal choice. They will fit perfectly with the rest of your camping gear. With a variety of capacities, too, you can equip yourself for longer hikes and extended journeys.

Keep yourself hydrated on the trail with our reusable water bottles

Keeping a clean water supply close at hand when you're away from civilisation is important. That is why every EcoVessel bottle is completely free of BPA and phthalates. All materials used are superior quality and non-leeching, so your water stays as pure as when you poured into the bottle. What else makes them suited for the trail? EcoVessel triple insulated water bottles feature the best insulation technology in the industry — TriMax.

Created from an exterior layer of stainless steel followed by copper, a vacuum pocket, and an interior layer of additional stainless steel, an EcoVessel bottle can keep liquids cooled for up to 36 hours! Hot beverages will also retain heat for up to 8 hours. Even when you're hours away from home, you can still have a sip of cold water at hand. Bottles featuring flip straw lids make it easy to take a drink while hiking rough terrain - no need to tilt and spill the water. Triple insulated bottles range from 400ml to 1.9l, providing an excellent range of choices for adventures short and long.

Why continue to rely on store bought bottled water out in the wilderness when you could choose reusable water bottles instead? In connection with their innovative design, EcoVessel bottles come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They're even recyclable! And when you buy an EcoVessel bottle, you are contributing to a great cause, too. One percent of every bottle's purchase price is donated to Water for People and the global effort to secure a clean supply of water for everyone. Please explore our products and find the one best suited to your outdoor needs! For questions, please visit our contact page for details on how to get in touch.