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Ensure Colder, More Refreshing Beverages for Your Camping Trip, with Insulated Drink Bottles from EcoVessel

Have you ever wondered why an ice-cold glass of water tastes and feels so much more refreshing and thirst-quenching than a glass of water that is room temperature? After all, shouldn't water have the same effect on the body, whether it is warm, cold or somewhere in the middle?

Researchers at the Cardiff School of Biosciences in Wales recently conducted a study on why the average person tends to like cold beverages (as well as other 'cold' things, such as popsicles and ice cream) more than warmer alternatives. The study found that, while water of different temperatures but similar quantities has the same basic impact on the body, the stimuli in the skin and mouth may perceive cold water as more pleasurable 'depending on the body temperature and the temperature of the external environment.'

In other words, if it is hot outside or your body temperature has escalated due to strenuous physical activity, you will subconsciously perceive cold water as more refreshing than warm or lukewarm water. For these reasons, having cold water on hand after exercise or in the midst of hot weather can be important—if not physiologically, then for your overall enjoyment of the experience in general.

EcoVessel's Insulated Drink Bottle

If you are preparing to head out the door for a camping or hiking trip, bringing plenty of water and figuring out how to keep it cold for the long-term can legitimately make or break your experience. Hiking in the Australian bush can be a hot, strenuous experience; so can camping in the outback during the summer months. Cold water can be key in helping you manage your body temperature, feel hydrated and stay comfortable and happy.

But how can you keep your beverages cold? Coolers can do the job, but they represent unnecessary bulk—especially for a hiking trip and often for a one or two-person camping escapade as well. Water bottles, meanwhile, typically don't do a good job of keeping your drinks cool for more than an hour or two.

At EcoVessel, we believe we have the solution. One of our most popular products is a triple-insulated drink bottle. Using two steel shells and a copper layer, these bottles are capable of keeping your beverages chilled for up to 150 hours. Our insulated drink bottles are built to perform in any climate, which means that your drinks stay cold even if it is extremely hot and humid outside.

Insulated Drink Bottles Built for Outdoor Adventure

For a variety of reasons, EcoVessel's stainless steel bottle is the best insulated drink bottle for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. First of all, our bottles range in size from 600-millilitre canteens to huge 1.9-litre bottles (complete with infusers). Whether you are carrying water for yourself or for a small group, there is an EcoVessel bottle that can do the job. Our insulated drink bottles also come in a variety of colours that are perfect for outdoor use.

Learn more about what makes EcoVessel's TriMax bottle the best insulated drink bottle on the market! Visit the official page for the water bottle here, or call us directly on 07 3376 7630.