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EcoVessel's Best Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

At EcoVessel, we believe that a coffee mug should be more than just a coffee mug. A cup of the finest French roast can be a lifesaver when you have to head off for an early morning work shift. However, sometimes, you want to take other favourite beverages on the go with you—from ice cold juice to carbonated cola, all the way to your preferred stout beer. We have the perfect coffee mugs to suit your every need.

Introducing the "PERK" Triple Insulated Coffee Mug

Our new PERK TriMax Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee/Tea Travel Mug/Bottle in our opinion is the most stylish and practical insulated coffee mug on the market. The PERK features a clever push button flip lid with integrated lock which allows you to easily drink from your coffee mug on the go and not worry about your coffee spilling all over your car. The flip lid also locks into place when drinking so it won’t flap down and hit your nose, which can be really annoying with other coffee mug designs.

PERK features our TriMax Triple Insulated Technology which keeps your coffee/ tea hot and fresh for up to 8 hours and can also keep your ice tea or beverage cold for up to 36 hours. Another feature of PERK you’re going to love is its removable tea/fruit strainer which allows you to use loose tea leaves and infuse fruit into your drink. PERK comes in a 473ml size, perfect for any coffee size and is available in 3 stylish matte colours.

A Beer-Ready Insulated Coffee Mug

It was with that idea of versatility in mind that EcoVessel designed our Transit coffee mugs—in our opinion, the best insulated travel coffee mugs you'll find anywhere on the market. Available in stainless steel, rose gold, blue moon and black shadow, the EcoVessel Transit mug is unlike any other insulated coffee mug. How come? Because we designed this particular coffee mug with beer in mind.

Indeed, the 'Transit' name isn't just a clever product name; it's also a name that describes the root design of the mug itself. It's the perfect portable mug for keeping your beer cold, flavourful and delicious. From hops to malts to all the glorious flavours that have become popular in craft beer as of late, the EcoVessel Transit insulated mug does justice them all.

Of course, the Transit is also more than just a portable insulated beer mug with a convenient slider lid. The triple walled insulation, the generous size and the easy open/close lid also make the Transit an ideal insulated mug for coffee, hot tea, orange juice, hot chocolate, cola or any other beverage. Trust us: this mug will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold—no matter what you're drinking.