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Finding the Best Hiking Water Bottle on the Market

Finding the perfect hiking water bottle is typically about three different things.

First, insulation is essential. When you are going for a lengthy trek in the Australian bush -- particularly during the hot summer months -- you want to make sure your source of hydration is staying cool. Cold water is just more refreshing and can keep your spirits and motivation up when exhaustion begins to set in towards the end of your hike.

Secondly, size is key. How much water your bottle can hold is more or less directly proportional to how far you'll be able to hike without turning back or running out of water. Small water bottles can be well-built, durable and completely insulated, but they still won't work as hiking water bottles because they just don't offer enough capacity.

The third factor to consider when looking for the best hiking water bottle is durability. When exploring areas of rugged terrain, you need a water bottle that is built for the challenge. Glass water bottles are natural and chemical-free, but they break too easily to make good hiking water bottles. Plastic water bottles are more durable and flexible, but frequently contain potentially dangerous chemicals like BPA.

Introducing EcoVessel's Boulder Insulated Water Bottles

At EcoVessel, we are proud to say that we have designed a hiking water bottle that balances all three of the criteria listed above into one outstanding product. Our Boulder bottles are made of BPA-free stainless steel, rather than glass or plastic. They are rugged enough to take a good amount of battering and large enough to hold a significant amount of water -- both factors that make them ideal for hiking. The Boulder is available in three different sizes (600ml, 700ml and 946ml).

If you are considering our Boulder water bottles, know that these bottles have TriMax insulation. This feature means two things. First of all, the triple-layer insulation can keep water cold for up to 90 hours -- long enough to last through virtually any hike. Second, EcoVessel's insulation technology means you won't have to contend with condensation, guaranteeing a dryer and more pleasant experience in all aspects.

Other Features Available with EcoVessel's Best Hiking Water Bottles

At EcoVessel, once we fulfilled the three criteria of an ideal hiking water bottle, we decided to go the extra mile to make our Boulder products even better. These water bottles feature a leak-proof top, a strainer (for tea, fruit or ice), a durable carrying handle and a protective silicone bumper. All of these factors combine to make the Boulders the most functional, easy-to-use hiking water bottles on the market. Both bottles also come in a range of different colours, so that you can choose the aesthetic that best reflects you!

Do you have any questions about EcoVessel or our Boulder lines of hiking water bottles? Feel free to call us directly on 07 3376 7630.