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Get an EcoVessel Glass Water Bottle, the Best in Australia

EcoVessel Glass Water Bottles offers the purity of glass but also the durability of silicone. Its strength gives you the comfort that our glass water bottles available online won’t break easily. Accidents happen, bottles are dropped, but you shouldn't have to pay the penalty for the inevitability that your water bottle might see some rough times. The silicone sleeve, equipped with a Drop Shield base, has been tested and shown that it can withstand drops of up to eight feet (higher than the tallest person on earth!)

These are the best glass water bottles in Australia, and we are confident that you'll feel the same way. Everyone enjoys the clean taste of water, and you shouldn't have to pay for a sub-par product. Also, our glass water bottles are often used for tea, juice, and soda—whatever your drink, our glass water bottles will give you the clearest taste.

The Best Glass Water Bottles Online... Guaranteed

EcoVessel offers the best glass water bottles available online. They feature interchangeable lids and so you can independently customize your bottle to your liking. They can be easily filled with ice cubes because of the wide openings. After all, what's fresh, clean water when it's not cold?

Up to 60% of the bottles are made from recycled glass, the silicon sleeves are artist designed, and they’re dishwater safe. They come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, so even if it does somehow break, we'll be happy to provide you with a new one. They're environment-friendly, giving you the assurance that not only are they safe for you, but for the environment too. Whether you live in Australia or New Zealand, order online and we’ll ship it to you. If you decide to buy for a few friends as well, we offer free shipping on orders over $120.

About Our Company

Based in Boulder, Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, EcoVessel was formed in 2008. Our company goal was to provide safe alternatives to cheap, single-use bottles. We offer a variety of different products other than our exclusive glass bottles. Our product line also consists of stainless steel and filtration bottles.

We distribute to over 20 countries worldwide. Compared to our competitors, we have a broad range of products that are designed for adults and children. We distribute from New Zealand and Australia through Raw Blend, a company that has been in operation for over 25 years. Raw Blend also offers a variety of health products that will contribute to the health and wellness found in your kitchen. Raw Blend also represents international brands such as Vitamix and Tribest.

For your next camping trip, day out on the water, round of golf, or beautiful nature hike, rely on the best glass water bottles, available online and shipped from Australia. Order online or call today at 07 3376 7630. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Please note our Glass Bottle range was discontinued by EcoVessel USA in 2019. We would recommend purchasing one of our quality stainless steel bottles.