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Plastic, Glass or Stainless Steel? A Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Water Bottle

Are you on the hunt for the best camping water bottle on the market? If so, then you are probably considering not just the merits of different brands, sizes and types of bottles, but of different water bottle materials as well. In today's water bottle market, the majority of bottles are made from one of three materials: plastic, glass and stainless steel.

When it comes to shopping for camping water bottles, you will probably take glass out of the conversation right away. Glass water bottles do have their advantages. In the vast majority of cases, glass contains no chemicals that can be 'leached' into the water after so many uses or because the bottle has been left lying out in the sun. Since glass is also transparent, it's ideal for keeping track of how much water is remaining in your bottle—an attractive feature for hikers or campers because it makes rationing limited water reserves easier.

Unfortunately, glass water bottles also have one significant drawback, which is that they break easily. Most camping enthusiasts want a rugged water bottle that can take a lot of abuse and still serve its function. Glass bottles will never be able to fill that role and are therefore almost never considered a viable option for camping water bottles.

Choosing Between Plastic and Stainless Steel

With glass out of the conversation, that leaves plastic and stainless steel as choices for the best camping water bottle. Hard plastic bottles can be attractive because they are typically large and durable. Plus, they have the transparency/translucency of glass without any of the fragility fears. Unfortunately, some plastic water bottles contain BPA (a hormone-mimicking chemical linked with several kinds of cancers) and other harmful chemicals that can leach into your water.

More and more water bottle manufacturers are starting to steer clear of BPA as research continues to damn it. However, different types of plastics contain an array of questionable chemicals that, while not as widely discussed as BPA, might not be entirely healthy either. For this reason, you might choose not to go the plastic route in your search for the perfect camping water bottle.

Luckily, stainless steel water bottles provide a better experience on almost every front. Combining the durability of hard plastic bottles with the chemical-free design of glass water bottles, stainless steel bottles are lightweight and dependable. In the search for the best camping water bottle, stainless steel will win every time.

EcoVessel's Stainless Steel Camping Water Bottles

At EcoVessel, we make a line of high-quality stainless steel camping water bottles that we believe raises the bar for this type of product. Our stainless steel bottles feature what is called TriMax insulation, a three-layer insulation design that will keep your water cold for longer than virtually any other camping water bottle on the market.

If you are searching for the best camping water bottle, we hope you will give one of EcoVessel's state-of-the-art triple insulation bottles a try. Learn more by clicking here.